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Announcement Feeds app helps Jira and Service Desk admins to communicate with their communities, using customizable banners, alerts and notifications grouped into separate feeds.

Announcement Feeds - Active announcements view
Announcement Feeds - Announcement creation wizard

Simple creation wizard

Create messages and organize these in feeds, displayed on different Jira and Jira Service Desk screens, and precisely target your information to users, instead of spamming them with static banners.

Collect responses and create detailed acceptance reports.

Tailored to your needs

Use our rich customization tools, to create notifications compliant with your brand identity, that really stand out of the crowd.

Don't let your users mistake it for boring system messages or ads.

Announcement Feeds - Announcement customization view

How does it work?

  • Use quick annoucement to keep your users up-to-date with any change.
  • Configure separate feeds for various user groups, like project admins or Jira Service Desk customers.
  • Target the announcements precisely using JQL.
  • Schedule display time of every notification if needed.
  • Choose size & placement of your announcements (fullscreen, top bar, customer portal and many more).
  • Customize the look & feel of your notifications.
  • Add links and attachments to your messages.


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