Talks from our "Lead Distributed Teams to Success with Atlassian" Conference are available online now.
Haven’t got an occasion to see our conference about utilizing Atlassian tools in a remote environment? Don’t worry. We’ve got everything recorder and have just uploaded it to our YouTube channel. Community Management in 15K User Strong Atlassian Instance. The talk focuses on the need for Content Management, how is Read more...
We have just released a new version of Announcement Feeds, fixing a problem with new Customer Portal and making the app officially compatible with Jira version 8.9 – and fixing a few bugs. Announcement Feeds is the Enterprise Communication App. It allows creating Banners, Notifications & Messages and was designed Read more...
Confluence ABC 1: How to make your page readable?
This is the first article in the Confluence ABC series. It’s dedicated to Confluence users with a basic understanding of the tool, who wish to make their work easier and enable more advanced features. Confluence’s both a simple and powerful tool. Unfortunately, its basic capabilities are only good for creating Read more...
Save your spot at our Free Online Conference and learn from Atlassian Software Experts! The event will be held online on 18th of June, 2020. Work as one team, no matter where you are! Working in a distributed team has suddenly became a new reality for the many. How to manage it Read more...
7 sierpnia 2018

Visual Links now available for free!

Visual Links helps you work with sophisticated and complex issues. It does exactly what it's name says it does - visualises all the links and connection between your issues and sub-issues.
11 maja 2018

Battlecard for Secure Fields is prepared and ready to use

As a few of the Partners asked, we have prepared a comparison between our Secure Fields and competition. You can find it below. We did it
26 kwietnia 2018

Hello world!

CoreSoft Labs has been around for almost 4 years, starting on in an Atlassian’s Marketplace with Automated Attachments plugin and soon after, our most popular plugin