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22 kwietnia 2020
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Create Jira Issues and Subtasks on Transition – Workflow Automation Tricks

Automatizing your work is pure profit. You don’t have to remember to create separate issues, you don’t need to care about proper description and labeling. It’s all there. The question is, how to do it? The answer is simple – using our Workflow PowerBox app.

Workflow PowerBox is an app for Jira admins that want to make their life easier. It allows using workflow templates, adds new conditions, validators, and post-functions, and lets you use scripts without actually coding, which is neat.

How to do it?

Now there are 2 additional post-functions in it – called Create Issue on Transition and Create Sub-task on Transition. To use it, you need to have Workflow PowerBox enabled in your Jira instance, and then add one of these post-functions to your workflow’s transition.

After that, it’s just a simple configuration.

Both post-functions enable greater work automation by creating issues and sub-tasks, based on information provided in the issue undergoing transition.

There’s also a possibility to create multiple issues at once, based on selected values from Select, Component, and Version multi-select fields.

What are the options?

You can pre-populate some of the fields in the newly created issues, as well as use additional features. These are:

  • Summary – new issue summary, with „copy from parent” option available.
  • Description – new issue description, with „copy from parent” option available.
  • Project – where will the new issue be created.
  • Issue type – pretty self-explaining.
  • Link to source issue – create a link to source issue if needed.
  • Reporter / Assignee – can be set to Current user, Source issue reporter, Source issue assignee, or hand-picked user.
  • Priority – pretty self-explaining, too.
  • Select issue fields – you can add additional custom fields to be pre-populated here.
  • Create multiple issues – used to create multiple transitions using a multi-select field. For example, if the parent issue has 2 Components named „Backend” and „Frontend”, and you are basing the issue creation on Component, upon transition you will have 2 new issues created – one for Backend and one for Frontend.

But why do I need it?

It’s pretty simple – because it saves your Jira admin’s time and makes work go more smoothly. Why?

  • Because manual issue creation means more errors
  • Because manual issue creation means more effort
  • Because auto issue creation without Workflow Powerbox requires coding

And that’s all. If you’re still not convinced, go to the Workflow PowerBox info page, and try it for free.

Krzysztof Daukszewicz
Krzysztof Daukszewicz
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