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How can Workflow Templates save your Jira Admin from tons of unnecessary work?

Workflow Templates Use Case

Workflow design and configuration isn’t easy. Especially when the users have a lot of changing demands, and the number of workflows in your Jira instance is way too high.

We’d like to share one Use Case with you, focusing on multiple workflows sharing one specific set of post-functions, and how can our App – Workflow PowerBox – help you with managing such a mess.

The Use Case

Let’s imagine that we have 5 Projects with 3 separate Request Types, and the each of the Request Types has its own Workflow. These Workflows are not shared between these Projects nor Request Types, which leaves us with 15 separate Workflows.

Now let’s imagine that each of these Workflows needs to be equipped with a set of post-functions defining a way the Request Type is being assigned to the users. This can of course be done by 15 workflow modifications. It’s not that much, but it’s honest work and we can spend some time to manage it.

And now imagine that the senior management says that we need to modify this set of post-functions. This, of course, can also be done, but requires almost the same effort as implementing the set in the first place. It also shows a big potential for human error, as repetitive tasks tend to generate errors (e.g. we forget to publish one of the workflows).

This situation happened while working with one of our customers, though in reality the number of separate Workflows was closer to 60. This was the exact moment when we thought that there should be an App for that.

Utilizing Templates

This is where Workflow PowerBox comes in handy. The App allows you to create Workflow Templates, which can be easily applied and modified „on the fly”.

In our Use Case, we need to select a Post Function Template, add the „Assign User from Group” post function, add this template to all of our 15 workflows and then only edit the template when there’s a need to modify the rule.

Try Workflow PowerBox

Interested? Try Workflow PowerBox for free and see if it’s The Workflow App you’ve been looking for. Besides Workflow Templates it gives you a lot of additional Conditions, Validators and Post-Functions and a possibility to easily utilize Groovy Script Templates.

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