Managing security in Confluence can be painful sometimes, especially when you’re lost in a labirynth of outdated page restrictions. We’ve decided to do something with it. Secure Pages for Confluence lets you automate content access management, create reusable restriction templates and – ultimately – ensure that your company assets are Read more...
We’ve just released a new version of SLA PowerBox with REST API expansion, SLA Metric Attribute and More! New Features and Changes include: REST API for SLA Analytics Data for SLA Analysis can be now easily imported via REST API. The specific instructions for that are available in the App Read more...
Managing restrictions and permissions in Confluence
Confluence – thanks to its flexibility and ease-of-use – is a crucial content storage tool for many organizations. While managing security is often not an issue in small companies, large enterprises need to differentiate access levels and keep sensitive information out of sight. Unfortunately, this is the moment in which Read more...
Building a Service Desk - Problem Management integration in Jira
Good Incident Management in Organization is not an easy thing to accomplish. To make it more obvious, let’s start with the definitions. An Incident is an event, which makes a service work in an incorrect way, not included in the specification. A Problem – on the other hand – is Read more...
25 września 2020

SLA PowerBox Version 3.5 is live! Check out the new features

We’ve just released a new version of SLA PowerBox with REST API expansion, SLA Metric Attribute and More!
7 sierpnia 2020
Unusual SLA Use Cases

Three SLA Use Cases That Couldn’t Work Without SLA PowerBox

Managing SLAs with Jira Service Desk is an easy and convenient thing to do - as long, as your Use Case remains a standard one. When you're working in Service Desk via agents, things tend to be easy.
22 kwietnia 2020

Triple Version Update – Visual Links, Workflow PowerBox, SLA PowerBox

We're happy to announce, that today we've pushed three new application versions - Visual Links, SLA PowerBox, Workflow PowerBox.
6 lipca 2018

New plugins, new people, new video!

Summertime is here! Sun is shining, temperatures are rising and we are growing! We recently hired 4 new people to help us with maintaining our Add-ons