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Talks from our „Lead Remote Teams to Success” Conference are available online!

Talks from our "Lead Distributed Teams to Success with Atlassian" Conference are available online now.

Haven’t got an occasion to see our conference about utilizing Atlassian tools in a remote environment? Don’t worry. We’ve got everything recorder and have just uploaded it to our YouTube channel.

Community Management in 15K User Strong Atlassian Instance.

The talk focuses on the need for Content Management, how is it done in both Jira and Confluence, what challenges and obstacles await on the way of a community manager, how to start building a community, perform user surveys and gain user feedback in a valuable way. Based on over 3-year long experience with an enterprise customer working in an internationally distributed environment.

Speaker – Krzysztof Daukszewicz, Community Manager @ Info Design.

Building a Confluence Knowledge Base That Actually Works

Introduction to building a Knowledge Base, covering topics like why a functioning knowledge base is important, benefits of self-service, cooperating with support team, Jira Service Desk integration, good practices, bad practices and various tips based on professional experience.

Speaker – Krzysztof Daukszewicz, Community Manager @ Info Design.

Customers Ask, We Deliver! Answering the Questions of CoreSoft Labs Community

The talk focuses on answering the questions submitted by the CoreSoft Labs community via survey. Each question is answered in detail, along with step-by-step explanatory recordings.

Speaker – Jakub Kochańczyk, Lead Software Engineer @ Info Design

AMA Session With our CEO and Atlassian Software Expert, Mr. Robert Dzido

Recording of Live „Ask Me Anything” session with CoreSoft Labs & Info Design CEO regarding Atlassian Tools. Covers various topics, from remote work to differences between Cloud and Server Deployments and Next-Gen Projects.

Speaker – Robert Dzido, CEO @ Info Design

Question list:

01:20 – I am trying to set up a dashboard from Jira data on Power BI. Is there any possibility to have a live connection between Jira and Power BI? If so, how?

03:50 – Is there any sense in migrating from Server to Cloud right now?

07:10 – How advanced are the Cloud deployments of Jira and Jira Service Desk?

08:37 – While migrating from Server to Cloud how important is keeping same set of features?

9:24 – How to involve customers in testing?

11:02 – Project Management improvement – tracking in Jira metrics

12:25 – How to enhance Confluence content with diagrams?

13:11 – How to display in Jira and Confluence in a more powerful way?

15:22 – How to apply GDPR to Jira?

17:07 – Can you recommend any Atlassian apps for surveys?

17:38 – What are the best practices for transforming business workflows to Jira workflows?

20:40 – Is there a way to run Jira without Crowd and use other user directories instead?

22:59 – Are next-gen projects radically different from classical projects? What are Atlassian plans about them?

26:46 – If you translate Jira Service Desk how can you use knowledge base?

28:21 – What do you recommend to ensure Jira security in Cloud?

29:54 – Which apps do you use for enhancing Jira functionalities for automation?

31:38 – What is the difference between Trello and Jira? Is there something you can do with Trello and you cannot do with Jira?

33:23 – How to control customer access on Atlassian tools?

40:28 – How many issue types should we have ideally?

42:08 – Opinion on next-gen projects – is it worth it?

45:33 – Do you differentiate between business need and a user story?

48:07 – Could you tell more about reports?

52:56 – Is there any good tool for creating a roadmap in Confluence?

54:17 – How big degree of automation is possible while creating a Confluence page on transition?

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Krzysztof Daukszewicz
Krzysztof Daukszewicz
Ex-Journalist, Community Manager, Confluence Expert, and Author. Enjoys gardening, running, and looking at things that are done neatly.

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