Start Building Workflows Like a Professional With Workflow PowerBox
Follow These 5 Rules to Create Jira Workflows Like a Professional
20 maja 2020
Masked Secure Custom Field
How to hide a field value in Jira and put a mask on it?
1 czerwca 2020

Watch our Free Jira Workflow Building Video!

Free Video Guide to Workflows

During this one-hour-long webinar hosted live on the 26th of May 2020 we’ve shown how to create and maintain Jira workflows on Cloud and on-premise installations.

Advanced workflows are one of the most distinguished Jira features and make it a unique tool on the entire market.

Most users and admins have limited knowledge of the real power of the system. During the 1,5-hour-long video, you’ll learn how to create and maintain Jira workflow on Cloud and on-premise installations.

We cover all major aspects of workflows including statuses, transitions, and behaviors. Additionally, you will be able to see how to automate transitions without any extra apps and use Marketplace apps to extend Jira’s power.

Free Online Conference Coming Soon!

And while we’re at it – Join our Free Online Conference on 18th of June 2020 to learn more Atlassian Skills! Themes of the Conference are working in Distributed Teams and Remote Work with Atlassian Tools.

„Working in a distributed team has suddenly became a new reality for the many. How to manage it successfully and lead a distributed team to success? Learn from Atlassian Software Experts working remotely for years and see how to get everyone on the same page, no matter how far from each other you are.”

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