27 kwietnia 2021
Jira can be easy! Join our free webinar.

Jira can be easy! Join our free webinar on the 13th of May, 2021

Join our free webinar about Idea Management and Reporting in Jira. 13th of May, 2021. Organized with our partner, Old Street Solutions.
29 marca 2021

Introduction to Managing Issue Security in Jira

Jira allows you to secure the issues by limiting their visibility to certain users, groups and roles. There is a possibility to set up several different security levels. Find out how to do it in this article.
9 marca 2021

How to Integrate SLA PowerBox with EazyBI to Create Amazing Reports

The question about integrating SLA PowerBox with EazyBI is re-appearing on both CoreSoft Labs and EazyBI communities. Not all users know that the integration is already possible thanks to the SLA Metric Attribute Custom Field. Here’s how to set it up.
2 marca 2021

What’s new in Idea Hub? March 2021 Update

The latest release of Idea Hub includes new features and few bug fixes to make your experience better than ever. See what's new below.

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