Hide your s*******e data

We've just added a Masked Secure Text Field, which lets you

hide sensitive data - like email, phone or credit card number.


Secure Fields

....or visit the documentation instead


Protect Sensitive Data

Nobody can see the field's content without a specific permission

Validate Your Inputs

Fewer mistakes thanks

to automatic validation of your inputs

Customize & Adapt

Narrow use case? Use regex to create custom mask and validation

Maintain Control

Define who can see the field, access, modify and even search for it

How does it work?

Masked Secure Text Field for Jira allows you to restrict its value from being read by unauthorized users.

Any user without the "Read Masked Field" permission will be able to see that the field is not empty, but the actual value will remain masked, just like in this e****le.

Create Custom Fields hidden from unauthorized view

The appearance of the masks can be customized using regex. Moreover, the field allows to set validation settings and comes with pre-defined masks and validations (like email or phone).

Masks, validations, permissions and search settings can be additionally changed as necessary.

Customize masks, validations, permissions and search settings


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