Battlecard for Secure Fields is prepared and ready to use
11 maja 2018
New plugins, new people, new video!
6 lipca 2018

Secure Fields 3.0 are now available on the Marketplace

Some time ago, we made a survey among Secure Fields users on which functionalities they miss in our product and what could we do to make it better and… that’s what we’re delivering.

We decided to give the users decision on what is more important to them – ease of search or security.

Now you can choose from 3 security levels

  1. Performance – gives you an option to easily search through Secure Fields with full JQL capabilities.  The possible downside is that anyone will be able to perform search and see for instance values bigger/smaller than given amount, but still will not be able to see the preceise value of the Secure Field. This level enables fast and efficient search.
  2. Strict – has the same rules as the previous Secure Fields version had – limited JQL search, but harder for unauthorized people to find any information.  Once you decide to upgrade to Secure Fields 3.0 all your secure fields will be automatically saved as Strict. We have also optimized search for this level, so if you decide to keep it this way, you will still feel the improvement in speed.
  3. Disabled – there is no option to search through Secure Fields.

Also, to help you be GDPR compliant, we created an option to delete all of the history of each and every Secure Field and now give an ability to not store history for the future.

Hope these changes will satisfy you. You can test them now – find a new version on Atlassian Marketplace. 

Let us know if you like it!

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