Full Password Security

for Jira Custom Fields

Secure Password Custom Field lets you store passwords and other top-secret data in Jira

and track all access attempts, successful or not.


Secure Fields

....or visit the documentation first


Full Security

Every access method including JQL, API and exports is fully secured.

Controlled Access

Reauthentication and user audit every time the field is accessed.

Copy / Show / Change

Precisely define who can access, change and copy field value.

Set Your Own Key

You can store the key off your Jira server to increase security.

How does it work?

The Password Field stores passwords behind a secure mask (like in this e****le) and requires reauthentication when a user tries to show, copy or edit the field's value.

Moreover, every access attempt is recorded and auditable in the field's history, so you can precisely tell who has (for example) copied the value of the field or tried to unsuccessfully access it.

Create Password Custom Field, Reauthenticate and Audit Access

To increase security, you can set your own Encryption Key and store it outside of your Jira server, so not even system administrator can access it.

Depending on search setting, the users will either be blocked from searching for passwords, or will only know the date of last modification (e.g. to check which password has expired).

Set Your Own Encryption Key, Manage JQL Search Settings


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