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What’s new in Idea Hub? March 2021 Update

The latest release of Idea Hub includes new features and few bug fixes to make your experience better than ever. See what’s new below.

Quick Search before creating a new Idea

Quick Search allows you to quickly find already posted ideas and to avoid posting similar to an existing one. There’s nothing more annoying than a messy platform, especially when it’s used by many people.

Thanks to Quick Search you can keep Idea Hub clean and tidy within the portal. When you want to post a brand new idea just start typing in the new idea bar and existing ideas with the same words will be shown in a dropdown list.

Quick Search

User mentions in comments

This very small but useful feature allows you to mention your teammates in the comments. Just like in social media. Just type @ and then your co-worker’s name. If you are not sure about his/her full name? No worries, the drop-down list will help you to choose the proper one.

@ mentioning within the comments section.

Notifications on Comments Pinned

You can pin comments you really want to focus on later. We added automatic notifications on pinned comments, so you can keep track of the idea’s discussion even when you are not logged in.

Other updates

👉 Idea issue type configuration

👉 User Directory and default groups configuration for portal users

👉 Bug fixes and minor improvements

Want to start an Idea Management process within your organization? We have an app for that.

Idea Hub for Jira lets you transform your Jira into a fully-functional Idea Center. Give it a try for free.

Krzysztof Daukszewicz
Krzysztof Daukszewicz
CoreSoft Labs Community Manager, Confluence Expert, Author and Ex-Journalist. Enjoys gardening, running and looking at things that are done neatly.

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