Create Issues Automatically

Avoid additional effort and save your Jira administrator's time by integrating issue

and sub-task creation with your workflows.


Workflow PowerBox


Reduced double effort required from
the users

Fewer user errors

due to pre-populating field values

No coding required

which saves Jira admin's time

Work automation

makes business
go smoothly

How does it work?

Both post-functions enable greater work automation by creating jira issues and subtasks on transition, based on information provided in the parent issue.

There's also a possibility to create multiple issues or subtasks at once, based on selected values from Select, Component and Version multi select fields.

Create Issues and Sub-tasks

on issue transition

You can also pre-populate the following fields in each newly created issue or subtask:

- assignees

- reporters

- priorities

- ...and other field values, including custom fields!

Easily pre-populate fields

in the child issues


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